Initiative #1

Your Greensboro fire fighters knew when they took the oath to keep the residents of this great city safe that they were getting into one of the most difficult, dangerous, and stressful jobs on earth. Even with that in mind, they still get on the fire truck every day to keep you safe.

But even after decades of service to the city, Greensboro’s fire fighters aren’t able to take advantage of a state law that covers the cost of health insurance for law enforcement officers in North Carolina from the time of their retirement to the time they become eligible for Medicare at age 62.

For the almost 40 years since Special Separation was enacted, law enforcement officers have been able to take advantage of this benefit. But it’s not offered to any fire fighters in the state, even though they have similar elevated rates of suicide, similar number of line of duty deaths, and are similarly ranked as the most stressful jobs in the county.

The Professional Fire Fighters of Greensboro have worked over the last decade in coordination with Professional Fire Fighters and Paramedics of North Carolina to convince the state’s politicians to create parity between emergency responders in North Carolina by providing this benefit to fire fighters, as well.

Your fire fighters should be treated with the same level of respect that’s afforded to law enforcement officers by the state’s politicians. Join this fight. Fill out the form below and let your legislator know that your fire fighters deserve parity in Special Separation.

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