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Initiative #1

Mock Assessments

In September, Local 947 held another round of successful mock assessments to assist those participating in the Company Officer process. Mock assessments have been invaluable to members, and feedback is consistently positive from participants who often volunteer to assist with upcoming assessments.!

Study Guides

Multiple members, led by Tyler Hoke, worked diligently to produce study guides for the Engineer and Captain promotional processes. The guides were updated and distributed to all members.

HazMat Training

Local 947 and the Greensboro Fire Department took advantage of one of the many benefits of IAFF membership as we hosted the Emergency Response to Liquified Natural Gas class offered by the IAFF's Training Department. This 8-hour class, open to all GFD personnel, was offered as open enrollment training at the PSTF. These trainings are offered to locals at no further costs than membership. We thank the GFD admin for their ongoing cooperation and commitment to training.

Early Detection and Cardiac Scans

In April, 138 Local 947 members and their family took advantage of the IAFF’s partnership with United Diagnostic Services’ (UDS) early detection screenings. The partnership provides cancer and cardiac screenings to IAFF members at a drastically reduced cost. The screenings included echocardiogram, carotid doppler, abdominal aortic aneurysm, thyroid, abdominal and bladder ultrasounds and testicular/pelvic ultrasounds. Screenings are recommended every three years. Early detection allows for early treatment and better outcomes. Local 947 will keep you updated as to when our next opportunity is scheduled.

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