On behalf of the 600 members of the Professional Fire Fighters of Greensboro-IAFF Local 947 (PFFG), it is my pleasure to welcome you to our website. Firefighters in the city of Greensboro have a long history of engaging in the collective action and trade-unionism through our affiliation as a Local chapter of the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF). We are the largest public-employee union in the city of Greensboro and the largest union of active-duty firefighters in North Carolina.

First and foremost, Greensboro's firefighters are community servants. Your firefighters work hard to give back to the residents of Greensboro both on and off the job. Throughout the year, we engage in several community-based projects that provide resources to some of our city's most vulnerable residents. Some of our work has included raising over $25,000 for pediatric cancer research, organizing an annual Coats for Kids event, and partnering with a local church to provide over 2,000 free meals to families impacted by poverty. Serving our community is foundational to who we are as an organization.

Greensboro’s firefighters are also engaged in efforts for positive change within our department. Our firefighters organized our union in 1947. Since that time, PFFG members have advocated to make a difficult and dangerous job safer and more equitable. Many aspects of the fire service and trade-union movement have changed for the better since 1947, but our overarching mission has remained the same; to be a vehicle of positive change within the Greensboro Fire Department, to promote trade-unionism, to build positive working relationships with elected officials and other decision makers, and advocate for health, safety, and training initiatives. Greensboro's firefighters are part of a proud tradition of education, organization, and advocacy for firefighters, firefighter families, and the public we are sworn to protect.

Over the last decade, we have been very successful in moving a pro-firefighter agenda forward in Greensboro. As a direct result of our advocacy, we have seen an increased number of firefighters on firetrucks (which makes our response to emergencies more effective), defense of our worker’s compensation benefits so firefighters injured on the job are not impacted by financial hardship, increases in compensation that are more in-line with the industry standard, and many other initiatives that help to recruit and retain and talented and diverse workforce.

Greensboro's firefighters will continue to provide high levels of fire and rescue protection to our residents, work hard to be a force for good within our community, and advocate for a safe and equitable workplace. Thank you for your interest in our organization. We are proud to be Greensboro firefighters, proud to serve you, and proud to be part of the long history of trade-union activity in our city.

Stay Safe

Dave Coker

Dave Coker
Professional Fire Fighters of Greensboro - IAFF Local 947

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